How to Avoid Rejection in Article Marketing

28 Nov

Article marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to promote your website or business to the rest of the world. Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and effort to succeed as an article marketer.

To succeed in article marketing, you must be capable of writing high-quality articles that are acceptable by article directories. Most article directories have human editors that screen article submissions for unwanted, illegal or plagiarized content, so make sure that you read carefully the editorial guidelines of the article directory before submitting your article.

So what can you do to avoid rejection (and ultimate failure) in article marketing? The following tips will help you avoid costly mistakes in article marketing and ensure that your articles get approved by the editors.

Quality Matters in Article Submission

Your article must be well-written. This doesn’t mean crafting a literary masterpiece in the mold of Shakespeare. This means that your article must have excellent grammar and punctuation, and be free from spelling and typographical errors. If you don’t know how to write good standard written English, get a writing lesson or have a professional editor proofread your work.

Uniqueness and Originality is the Key

Your article must be original. Plagiarism is one of the worst offenses that a writer can commit. It’s just so easy and tempting to grab an article from some obscure website and claim it as your own. Or to get someone else’s article and replace a few words to make it look brand-new.

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