How Do You Find Designer Handbags at a Good Price?

01 Dec

Designer HandbagsDesigner handbags are all the rage these days. You can hardly walk down the street on the Upper-East side in New York without passing by women who have handbags worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on their arms.

They are definitely a longed-for item. However, if you were not born into wealth, or have a high paying job, then what are you going to do? After all, these designer handbags are seen as status symbols for a reason- not everyone can afford them.

Of course, the best way to find discount designer handbags, is to go online. The Internet is probably be best place to find bargains on all sorts of goods, including luxury handbags. However, not all places online are created equal.

Most sites online that sell designer handbags are probably going to offer you discounts that are not so great. If the discounts are good, then the selection is probably too small for you to like. For example, one site that I visited in the past, only had about three kinds of discount Burberry handbags. None of the ones on sale were the type that I wanted.

This is why the best way to buy discount designer handbags, is to go to luxury handbag auction sites. Luxury handbag auctions offer the best deals, and the widest amount of designs. Furthermore, you can even find rare items, like a Hermes Birkin. Purchasing a Hermes Birkin from Hermes might take you years, since they only make a limited amount of bags per year, and there is a long waiting list for these designer handbags. But using an auction site? You can have one today if you wish.

Of course, there are some risks you face if you buy them on an auction site. First, you may purchase a counterfeit designer handbag. Secondly, you may get an item that is below your quality standards. But, these risks are small if you take a few precautions. Good sellers on auction sites will always take lots of photographs of the merchandise. Furthermore, there are many great guides online that teach you how to spot counterfeit designer handbags. If you find that your bag is counterfeit upon arrival (some designer handbag stores will actually authenticate a bag for free), then you can easily return the bag.

You can also get the best deals through online luxury handbag auction sites, since these bags are gently pre-owned.

However, if you are particularly smart and want to work efficiently, then you are probably better off just using an affiliate site to do your shopping. There is no extra charge for you, since these sites make money from the auction site. They are just easier to browse than an actual auction site, since they have all the categories are organized for you, and you can find more designer handbags easily. One example of an affiliate luxury handbag auction is Shop Couture online, which specializes in designer handbags and other designer goods. This site organizes designer handbags by brand, style, and auction time, and makes buying a great designer handbag online easy.

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