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Sew Thrifted Chenille Bedspreads into Small Fall Pumpkins

Small Fall PumpkinsGreet your fall guests with a basket of stuffed pumpkins in your entryway. Dig through your fabric stash, sort through your old linens or haunt your favorite secondhand store for orange or fall-like colored fabrics. I scored two orange chenille bedspreads during my thrifting adventures that were absolutely perfect for crafting primitive orange gourds for fall decorating. One bedspread has a lot of fabric so there is the potential for crafting a lot of pumpkins for fall craft shows.

Step 1

Draw a 7-inch wide by 8-inch long rectangle on lightweight cardboard and cut out. Round the corners on one short end for the bottom of the pumpkin shape. Taper the long sides in a curve to the other short end (the top), making the top 3 inches long and centered on the short end. This is your pattern. Read the rest of this entry »

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